UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Method and Validation of Organic Compounds

Abdul Moiz Mohammed


Absorption and emission of radiation by a compound at different wavelengths in visible and ultra violet region forms an analytical tool for identification of organic compounds. Researchers and scientists from different fields of chemistry and life sciences are constantly in search of an alternate ways to analyze the chemical reactions involving organic and inorganic compounds. The UV-Visible spectroscopic technique serves as an important and simple technique in finding concentration of molecules in a solution, identification the functional groups identification of conjugated organic compounds. The molar absorption coefficient is an intrinsic property of species, and may be treated as a fingerprint to an organic compound. This papers presents a systematic and detailed validation of organic compounds with the molar absorption coefficient in UV-visible region.


Electromagnetic; Spectrum; Ultraviolet; Visible; Transition; Molar Absorption Coefficient; Organic; Inorganic.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24018/ejers.2018.3.3.622


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