Experimental Characterization of Geometric Aspects of the Behavior of Magnetic Shape Memory Materials and Theoretical Interpretation


  •   Juan Manuel Hernandez

  •   P. Mullner

  •   P. Linquist

  •   J. Carreraa


Small samples of a Ni-Mn-Ga single crystal of three different geometries were subjected to bending by applying a rotating magnetic field. The magneto-mechanical behavior of the sample in cantilever was analyzed and special attention was given to elongations and curvature along the deformation process. A sequence of 3000 images was made using a high-resolution camera and the data was analyzed using a code in Matlab. Furthermore, the geometric analysis showed that, when the magnetic field is equal to cero, the sample do not recover its original shape totally and the presence of a pseudo-elastic behavior was observed. Analysis and interpretation of the data allows the presentation of some hypotheses concerning to the crystalline structure and the role of dislocations, represented by a dislocation density, in the martensite phase of these materials. These hypotheses are discussed more formally in the second part of this paper. Some experiments are proposed that would give the opportunity to a wider theoretical knowledge of MSMM.

Keywords: Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys, Dislocations, Pseudo-Elastic Behavior, Bending Strain


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