Structural and Optical Changes of Undoped GaN Layers Grown via Radio-frequency Magnetron Sputtering Obtained from GaN Powders


  •   Erick Gastellóu

  •   Crisoforo Morales

  •   Godofredo García

  •   Rafael García

  •   Gustavo Alonso Hirata

  •   Ana María Herrera

  •   Reina Galeazzi

  •   Enrique Rosendo

  •   Tomas Díaz

  •   Roman Romano

  •   Antonio Coyopol


Undoped GaN layers were grown via radio-frequency magnetron sputtering, using a target manufactured with undoped GaN powders. Where the GaN powders were sintetized by nitridation of metallic gallium at 1000 °C in ammonia flow for two hours. X-ray diffraction patterns demonstrated that there are not a significant difference between the diffraction angles of the GaN powders and the GaN layers. The x-ray diffraction patterns for the GaN powders showed narrow peaks with a crystal size of 41 nm, while the GaN layers showed broad peaks with a crystal size of 7.7 nm. Scanning electron microscopy micrographs demonstrated the formation of crystals of irregular size with an average length of 1.56 μm for the GaN powders, while a homogeneous surface morphology with a thickness of 6.6 μm for the GaN layers was observed. Photoluminescence spectra showed a high emission at 3.49 eV (355.13 nm) for the GaN powders and an emission band energy located at 3.42 eV (361.54 nm) for the GaN layers, both emission bands were related to the band-to-band transition for the GaN. Raman spectra for the GaN powders showed the A1(TO), E1(TO), and E2(High) classical vibration modes. The GaN layers only showed the A1(TO) mode.

Keywords: GaN; Layers; Powders; Sputtering


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