Hexagonal Nanocrystals into AlGaN Powders Obtained via Pyrolysis from an Organometallic Compound


  •   Ana Maria Herrera

  •   Godofredo García

  •   Erick Gastellóu

  •   Fabiola Nieto

  •   Rafael García

  •   Gustavo Alonso Hirata

  •   Oscar Edel Contreras

  •   Crisoforo Morales

  •   Enrique Rosendo

  •   Tomas Díaz


Hexagonal nanocrystals into Al0.2Ga0.8N and Al0.6Ga0.4N powders via pyrolysis from an organometallic compound, followed by a nitridation process in ammonia flow at 1000 °C for two hours were obtained. X-ray diffraction patterns demonstrated a shift towards greater angles to the right for the AlGaN powders with respect to GaN powders, this shift could indicate the formation of the AlGaN powders. Scanning electron microscopy micrographs showed the obtaining from semi-plates of porous appearance for the Al0.2Ga0.8N powders until well-defined plates for the Al0.6Ga0.4N powders. High resolution transmission electron microscopy micrographs demonstrated the presence of hexagonal nanocrystals into Al0.2Ga0.8N powders with an average crystal size of 10.3 nm, while that for the Al0.6Ga0.4N powders an average crystal size of 9.7 nm was observed. UV-visible spectra showed a transmittance cut-off for the Al0.2Ga0.8N powders of 3.71 eV (334.2 nm) and a transmittance cut-off of 4.53 eV (273.7 nm) for the Al0.6Ga0.4N powders.

Keywords: Nanocrystals, Nitridation, Pyrolysis, Semiconductor


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Herrera, A., García, G., Gastellóu, E., Nieto, F., García, R., Hirata, G., Contreras, O., Morales, C., Rosendo, E. and Díaz, T. 2019. Hexagonal Nanocrystals into AlGaN Powders Obtained via Pyrolysis from an Organometallic Compound. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. 4, 3 (Mar. 2019), 68-72. DOI:https://doi.org/10.24018/ejers.2019.4.3.1183.

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