Design Aspects of Proposed Alternative Solutions for Tertiary Irrigation Canal


  •   Mohamad Farouk Abd-elmagied

  •   Fahmy Salah Abd-elhaleem


This study presents a five alternative systems for the protection of old lined mesqas. The main causes of damages were identified and the hydraulic calculations for mesqas were carried out. The suggested technical alternatives for old lined mesqas were; 1- U-shape reinforced concrete section under the ground level; 2- U-shape reinforced concrete section above the ground level; 3- Reinforced concrete pipe mesqa; 4- Fiber reinforced concrete lined mesqa; and 5- Grouted stone pitched lined mesqa. The design aspects of these five alternatives were analyzed and deliberated. The most promising alternative for protecting old lined mesqas is fiber reinforced concrete lining. Also, the grouted stone pitched lined mesqas economically recommended.

Keywords: Irrigation Canal, Lining-Crack of Concrete, Lining-Problematic, Soils-Maintenance Technique, Protecting Alternative, Kafr El-Sheikh, Egypt


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