Efficacy of Sterol-Inhibiting Fungicides on the Control of Scab Disease (Venturia Inaequalis) in Apple Tree


  •   Edlira Shahinasi

  •   Ferdi Brahushi


Apple scab, caused by Venturia Inaequalis is one of the most problematic diseases of apples in Korça region. The control of this disease requires different applications of fungicides. The aim of the study was the estimation of efficacy of sterol-inhibiting fungicides such as myclobutanil and penconazole on the control of scab disease. The effectiveness of fungicides was evaluated for two cultivars Golden Delicious and Starking and the minimum and the maximum recommended doses were applied. The obtained results showed that scab prevalence in leave ranges from 79.2% to 85.6% respectively in untreated trees of Golden Delicious and Starking cultivars. The scab prevalence of leaves in apples treated with pesticides ranges from 18.1% in Golden Delicious cultivar to 22.2% in Starking cultivar, meanwhile the scab prevalence in fruit varies from 4.2% in Starking cultivar to 6.1% in Golden Delicious cultivar.  The disease index of leave in untreated control varies from 38.4% to 40.1% respectively for Golden Delicious cultivar and Starking cultivar, while the severity of fruit in untreated trees varies from 45.6% in Starking cultivar to 49.0% in Golden cultivar. Therefore, the data showed that the uses of sterol-inhibiting fungicides were effective in the control of scab disease.

Keywords: Efficacy, Apple Scab, Prevalence, Sterol-Inhibitor, Severity


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