Investigation The Awareness of Farmers on Agricultural Health and Safety Rules About Pesticides in Sanliurfa/Turkey


  •   Hasan Sahin

  •   Zehra Anli


In this study, it is aimed to determine the awareness level and educational status of agricultural workers in Sanlıurfa countryside regarding agricultural occupational health and safety. The survey area is located in Sanlıurfa and the sample is composed of 140 farmers from 38 randomly selected villages. 30.88% of the farmers who were surveyed stated that there was redness and burning in the eyes after agricultural spraying. According to the results of the survey; 67.94% of the farmers did not receive agricultural spraying training, 61.36% did not receive first aid training and 72% of them did not receive occupational health and safety training. A statistically significant difference has been observed between the chi-square test for comparing the rates of problems after using the pesticide (P <0.01). According to this, the most common problems are eye redness and burning and at least three of these problems have been seen at the same time (59.55% of the total). The least experienced problems are breathing difficulties, fever, and vomiting. According to the Fisher's Exact test, those who received training in any of the educational subjects tend to take other training, while in the same way, they have attempted not to receive training in another subject that has not been trained in one of the educational subjects (P <0.01).

Keywords: Agriculture, Health, Safety, Pesticides


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