Design of Construct Carrying GmDREB6 to Enhance Soybean Gene Expression Related to Abiotic Stress Response


  •   Lan Thi Ngoc Nguyen

  •   Phutthakine Vaciaxa

  •   Thu Thi Mai Lo

  •   Yen Thi Hai Nguyen

  •   Nhan Thi Thanh Pham

  •   Son Van Le

  •   Mau Hoang Chu


Glycine max (L.) Merrill is a crop that brings a lot of economic and nutritive values, however soybean is quite sensitive to stress. The applications of gene technology can improve resistance of soybean plants against external stress factors. The aim of this study was to conduct a transgenic vector containing GmDREB6 gene and determine the expression of gene encoding GmDREB6 in Nicotiana tabacum before transforming into soybean plants. The GmDREB6 artificial gene was synthesized containing nucleotide fragment encoding 230 amino acids, nucleotide fragment encoding cmyc antigen and nucleotide fragments with cut-off points of XbaI/SacI enzyme pair. The results indicated that the 35S-GmDREB6-cmyc construct was designed and transferred into tobacco plants. The GmDREB6 was incorporated in the genome and was expressed in transgenic tobacco plants at the transcriptional level. The transgenic vector pBI121_GmDREB6 well worked on the model tobacco plants. Therefore, it can be used for transferring into soybean plants to enhance soybean tolerance to abiotic stress.


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