Onshore Nuclear Power Plant Concept with Enhanced Passive Safety System


  •   A.H.M. Iftekharul Ferdous

  •   T. H. M Sumon Rashid

  •   Md Asaduzzaman Shobug

  •   Tanveer Ahmed

  •   Nitol Kumar Dutta


Bangladesh is a developing country and it’s increasing economy can be maintained by providing sufficient amount of electric power supply. Therefore government is initiating Rooppur nuclear power project is one of them which is needed to be sited beside a vast amount of water source, lowest populated area and away from the locality to reduce the damage caused by any nuclear accidents. In this thesis paper we have shown that, the the dangers of residing errors of Rooppur nuclear power plant and give a proposal to go for onshore nuclear power plant in Bangladesh with two proposed designs of passive safety systems PSS-I & PSS-II. These systems will give safety to the power plants in the case of plant blackout during accidents.

Keywords: Nuclear Power, Onshore Nuclear Power Plant, Passive Safety, Reactor


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