A Study of Nonreciprocal Coupled Ferrite-Dielectric Image Guide Structure for Ka-band


  •   Iliyana Ilieva Arestova


The nonreciprocal coupled ferrite-dielectric image guide structure with the same geometry as in our previous experimental investigation has been studied numerically by finite element method in the frequency range 26–40 GHz. The ferrite element in the experiment has been inhomogeneously magnetized by using a disk-shaped permanent magnet, whose diameter is comparable with the length of the ferrite bar.  Recently, we have modelled the ferrite element as homogeneously magnetized perpendicularly to the ground plane and the direction of propagation. This homogeneous magnetization represents first approximation of the real inhomogeneous one. Here we have extended the numerical examination of the nonreciprocity and as a result we have proposed a procedure for designing isolators with inhomogeneous magnetization. Also, we have investigated the influence of several parameters – permanent magnetic field strength and three ferrite material parameters (saturation magnetization, relative dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss tangent) on the nonreciprocal behavior of the coupled ferrite-dielectric structure.

Keywords: Coupled Image Guide Structures, Image Guide, Ferrite Materials, Nonreciprocal Devices, Millimeter Waves


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