Development of Biomass Resource Conversion Technology in Vietnam


  •   Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc

  •   Nguyen Thi Hoa

  •   Thi Thuy Hoa


Before the situation of traditional energy reserves on ports decreased, people now focus on researching, exploiting and applying new energy sources. These energy sources are considered clean, renewable energy and they do not pollute the environment. In these energy sources, biomass (biomass) plays an important role to produce biofuel gradually replacing traditional fuels. The article summarizes the results of research and development of mining technology - effectively processing diverse and abundant biomass resources of Vietnam. Along with methodological contributions, basic studies supplement the database of biomass resources. On that basis, it contributes to saving energy, promoting biogas production, syngas from biomass gasification for generators, heat utilization or biodiesel production, environmentally friendly bio-petrol. Ensure the goal for sustainable development, against climate change when energy security issues in Vietnam are threatened.

Keywords: Biomass Energy, Conversion Technology, Biomass Resources, Biodiesel Production


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