Assessment of the Coastal Fisheries of the Tangier Port, Morocco 2011-2017


  •   Fahd Darasi

  •   Mustapha Aksissou


This paper evaluates the production of coastal fishing and fishing efforts through coastal fishery data (landing and effort) at the Tangier port obtained from the National Fisheries Office for the period 2011-2017. The data were entered into the excel application to process and analyze the results. The total number of coastal fishes catchings in Tangier port increased gradually from 2011, with an estimated production of (5,030.8 Tons) and continued to increase in the years (2012– 2013– 2014–2015), the production record respectively (5,813.6 – 5,857.4 –7,611.3 – 9,068.4 Tons). Then the decline in 2016 and 2017 to (6,963.8 - 4,208.1 Tons), where the year 2017 saw the lowest production. Fishing efforts fluctuated between (6,796 Trips and 9,239 Trips) between 2011 and 2017. The minimum effort was recorded in 2013 in 6796 fishing Trips, with fewer boats reaching 1,286, while the maximum effort was recorded in 9,239 fishing Trips in 2015. The average of each CPUE in 2015, the highest 981.54 kg / Trip and the lowest in 2017 worth 543.05 kg / Trip while these values fluctuate in the remaining years. The lowest value in 2012 was recorded at 84,044,677.5 DH to reach a maximum of 167,005,585.5 DH in 2015, and fell again to 111,516,969.5 in 2017.

Keywords: Coastal Fisheries, Port of Tangier, Data, Effort, Catch


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