A Brief Review of Growth Techniques for Obtaining of III-V Semiconductor Compounds


  •   Erick Gastellóu

  •   G. García

  •   A. M. Herrera

  •   C. Morales

  •   R. García

  •   G. A. Hirata

  •   M. Robles

  •   J. A. Rodríguez

  •   I. E. García


Electronic devices have essential importance in our quality of life. Our species has multiple comforts and benefits obtained by current technology, such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, and nanotechnology. However, few are interested in the different physical phenomena that are behind our technology. This paper presents a brief review of four growth techniques for the obtaining of III-V semiconductors compounds. Techniques such as metalorganic chemical vapor deposition, hot filament chemical vapor deposition, liquid phase epitaxy, and molecular beam epitaxy are described in a simple way to motivate the understanding of the theoretical concepts that make operated our technology.

Keywords: Growth, Layers, Epitaxy, Semiconductor Compound


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