Theory of Origin of Water in the Solar System


  •   Mammadov Sabir Ahmedovich


The created cosmogonic theory provides objective solutions to the problems of cosmogony - the origin of the solar system and the mechanism of the emergence of the Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere and four giant outer planets during the first stage, the formation of their structure by the reaction of methane and ammonia with oxygen. In the light of modern data from cosmochemistry, geochemistry, and also on the basis of fundamental theoretical research, a previously unknown new phenomenon was discovered that in the Earth’s cores and four giant outer planets there is a constant generation of organogenic chemical elements - hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen as a result of controlled thermonuclear synthesis from helium (inherited by the predecessor of the solar system - a giant star - about 8 billion years after the Big Bang, and this also proves the origin of the Solar system and the mechanism of planetary origin. The weak intensity of thermonuclear processes is a function of the mass of these planets. This is also evidenced by their heat radiation several times more than they receive it from the sun, as well as their high electromagnetic field and the speed of revolution around its axis and endogenous activity), which explains the mechanism of occurrence of methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide and water in their magma and atmosphere during their existence and at the present time, and which also proves the cause of dehydration planet Earth. The history of the origin of life on Earth, previously erased, has been restored - as a result of the occurrence of water in its primary atmosphere and in an acid-water environment with the ozone layer of the atmosphere and as a result of the chemical and biological evolution of amino acids and proteins (based on sequentially organogenic elements arising in its primary atmosphere - hydrogen carbon in the form of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, as well as methane and ammonia). It has been revealed that there is a constant cycle of water on the planet Earth, that is, on the one hand, there is its consumption for photosynthetic oxygen, on the other hand, it is generated from hydrogen and oxygen and from the reaction of methane and ammonia with oxygen, as well as in the respiration process of living organisms. This explains the mechanisms of the formation of natural phenomena of cyclones, typhoons, volcanoes and earthquakes during the geological history and at present.

Keywords: Methane, Ammonia, Oxygen, Magma, Water


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