Plate Bending Spline Finite Strip Models Using Mixed Formulation and Combined Spline Series


  •   Abdarrhim Mohammed Ahmed

  •   Saleh Y. Barony


As Classical and Spline finite strip method based on stiffness and mixed variational formulation principle become important tool for continuum structural analysis , especially in the field of plate bending problems , a lot of researches has been focused on interpolation functions in order to improve the efficiency and increase the reliability of the method. The main objective of this paper is to introduce and propose a new spline interpolation function in the light of combination techniques of basic splines through introduction and brief review of previous studies in this field. This work which uses abbreviated form of augmented matrix proposed by authors published in past time , reveals a very good accordance results compared with the analytical and published solutions of different plate bending problems.

Keywords: Combined Splines, Finite Strip Method, Mixed Formulation, Plate Bending, Spline Interpolation


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