Nonlinear Membrane Circuit Loaded on a Lossy Transmission Line without the Heaviside’s Condition


  •   Vasil Angelov


The paper deals with transmission lines terminated by a nonlinear circuit describing a simplified model of membrane. This means that all elements of the membrane circuit are nonlinear ones as follows: in series connected LR-loads parallel to C-load. Using the Kirchhoff’s laws we formulate boundary conditions. For lossy transmission lines systems with the Heaviside’s condition, the mixed problem is considered in previous papers. The main goal of the present paper is to investigate the same problem for lossy transmission lines without the Heaviside’s condition. We reduce the existence of solution of the more complicated mixed problem for such a system to the existence of fixed point of an operator acting on a suitable function space. Then by ensuring the existence of this fixed point we obtain conditions for existence of a generalized solution of the mixed problem. The obtained conditions are easily verifiable. We demonstrate the advantages of our method by a numerical example.

Keywords: Fixed Point Theorem, Heaviside Condition, Lossy Transmission Line, Mixed Problem for Hyperbolic System, Neutral Equation


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