Free Convection in a Triangular Cavity Filled with Hybrid-Nanofluid along with Sinusoidal Heat


  •   Md.Rakibul Hasan

  •   Md. Borhan Uddin

  •   Ahmed M. U.


A numerical study on convective heat transfer of hybrid nanofluid packed in a right angled triangular cavity heated by a sinusoidal temperature maintained from lower side and subjected to a constant magnetic field have been studied in this work. The hypotenuse side of the triangular cavity has been kept in uniform cool temperature while the remaining side is insulated. The governing equations of the problem have been discretized numerically with help of finite element method. A fixed Prandtl number Pr=6.2 has been used for the numerical solution. Several values of Rayleigh number Ra=102-106 , and Hartmann number Ha=0-100 which are the non-dimensional governing parameters have been examined. The volume fraction  =0.01, 0.05, 0.1 and the heat generation parameter Q = 1 have been taken for this work. Calculate and the graph of Nusselt number corresponding to different parameters have been presented. The results show that Nusselt number has been decreasing function of nanoparticles Rayleigh number and also it is a decreasing function of Hartmann number. Obtained results has been compared with previously obtained data by other authors.

Keywords: FEM Model, Free Convection, Hybrid-Nanofluid, MHD Effects


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