Kinematic Modelling of a Robot in Form-shaping Milling Complex Surfaces


  •   Ha Thanh Hai


This paper presents kinematic modelling of a robot in form-shaping milling complex surfaces, illustrated applying in form-shaping milling a molding prototype. The robot have 6 degrees of freedom, with a cutter attaching to the end of the end-effector. The workpiece is fixed on the clamping table. Using robot in form-shaping machining parts enables increasing the flexibility of selecting machining observation area, increasing capability of selecting engineering manipulation, increasing quality and machining efficiency. In machining process, because of the cutter moving along the machining trajectory in multidimensional space, computing and planning trajectory is more complex. In order to planning the trajectory, it need to derive the kinematic equations of the robot, and deal with the kinematic problems. The kinematics problems are solved with the constraints that the position, orientation, velocity of the tool frame must be coincided with the ones of the workpiece frame. After computing, the results are validated by simulation of robot motion.

Keywords: Complex Surface, Form-Shaping Machining, Kinematic Modelling, Robot Machining, Trajectory Planning


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