Technological Structures for Air Cooled Condensers


  •   Zdeňka Říhová

  •   Markéta Kočová


This paper summarizes the knowledge and results obtained in the field of designing technological platforms for energy industry. Optimal solution of the layout of elements and material of a number of technological platforms with a specific number of modules was searched. Technological platforms are the main supporting structure of the air-cooled condensers (ACC), which ensure cooling of plants. The fundament of the solution is based on the schema that the platform is composed from the at least one standardized bed containing the supporting surface equipped with the supporting columns and at least one horizontal segment for the condenser exchanger support. The platform structure must ensure sufficient spatial rigidity and stability and ACC functionality. Design requirements are defined both by size and weight of each single module of condenser and the total number of modules in assembly.

Keywords: Air Cooled Condensers, Concrete, Composite, Steel, Technological Platforms


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