Adaptive and Robust Second Order Sliding Mode Controller Dedicated to Nonlinear Uncertain Pendulum Application System


  •   Hedi Dhouibi

  •   Jalel Ghabi

  •   Tarek Selmi


The research work presented within this paper deals with an innovative second-order sliding mode control (SOSMC) allocated to adaptive gain and associated with nonlinear systems subject to unknown but bounded uncertainties. The derived controller   guarantees the control gain dynamical adaptation for the sake of counteracting the system’s uncertainties and to mitigate the chattering phenomenon. The Lyapunov method is also used to analyses the stability of any closed loop system (CLS) within a finite-time under bounded uncertainties assumptions. To assess how effective is the approach considered within this paper, the adaptive controller has been carefully studied on a benchmark of nonlinear systems on a damped overturned pendulum.

Keywords: Control, Gain, Finite-Time, Sliding-Mode, Stability, Adaptive, Nonlinear System, Uncertainty


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