Design of a Real Time Feedback Automation Irrigation System


  •   O'tega Ejofodomi

  •   Godswill Ofualagba


This paper presents the design of a real time feedback control automated irrigation systems that consists of monitoring units, control units, irrigation pipeline valves, and a network of irrigation pipeline. The monitoring units continuously measure the soil moisture content in the irrigation blocks, and if the moisture content drops below a predetermined threshold for the particular crop under production, it sends a wireless message to the control units controlling the pipeline valves along the water flow channel, causing the control units to open the valves leading to the water source and commencing automatic irrigation. When the moisture content rises above a predetermined threshold for the crop, the monitoring units sends a wireless message to the control units, causing them to close the pipeline valves and cease automatic irrigation. An automatic irrigation system pipeline network optimization software has also been designed to plan, cost, and design the automatic irrigation system for a piece of land prior to installation.

Keywords: Automated Irrigation System, Crop Moisture Requirement, Irrigation, Irrigation Software


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