A System for Synchronized Navigation of an Environment by Mobile Agents


  •   Frank Edughom Ekpar


This paper discloses methods, systems and devices for synchronized navigation of an environment by a plurality of mobile agents wherein aspects of the navigation of one or more of the agents are used to moderate aspects of the navigation of one or more other agents. In one embodiment, two mobile agents - a baby stroller and a caregiver – are configured in a manner that facilitates tandem navigation of the environment by the mobile agents. In yet another embodiment, a wheelchair designed to transport a disabled person navigates in tandem with a guide such as a human guide, a guide dog or any other suitable agent. Other embodiments including an entertainment application in which a mobile agent follows or leads another are also disclosed.

Keywords: Synchronized Navigation, Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control, Mobile Agent, Automatic Environment Navigation, Autonomous Vehicle Navigation, Platoon, Convoy


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