Review of Multilevel Inverters and Their Control Techniques


  •   Ibrahim Emmanuel Tashiwa

  •   Gyang Davon Dung

  •   Benson Stephen Adole


Multi-level inverter is attaining higher AC power using a series of power semiconductor switches with numerous lower voltage DC sources to implement the power conversion by synthesizing a staircase voltage waveform. Sources like super capacitors, batteries, solar panels and other renewable energy voltage sources make up the multiple DC voltage sources. This work looks at the advantages and likely disadvantage of multi-level inverter, highlighting some of the shortfalls of existing inverter topologies while considering the effects of emerging Hybrid MLI Topologies. Hence this review paper proposes a distinctive seven level cascaded H-bridge multi-level inverter configuration in which the POD PWM technique is adopted. This design would potentially redress the problems inherent in other inverter circuit topologies reviewed.

Keywords: Inverter, hybrid, semiconductor, topology, multi-level


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