Sudanese Oil Field Production Performance by Nodal Analysis Technique


  •   Fatima A. Elbrir


The study has evaluated production performance of oil well by using nodal analysis for entire production system. The goal of this study is to analysis one of the Sudanese oil field using nodal analysis and to review the field completion strategy for the respective field. The study starts by collecting the data from oil Company and takes the X Field as case study. The X field consist of 18 well and four of them were selected for theanalysis namely X NW-1, X NW-2, X NW-3 and X NW-4. Operating pressure for each well are 2409, 2455, 2550 and 2420 psia, and operating flow rate are 3925.4, 1110.4, 2255.7, and 1387.2 STB/D respectively. Wellfl modeling used for this task, which permits the production optimization of oil well using the concept of nodal analysis.

Several sensitivity analyses were conducted in order to get the production forecast. If assumed thatthe depletion in the pressure occur within 1 year, the pressure reduced to 2000 and 1000psia for each well; as can be seen, the production reduced rapidly inXNW-2 and XNW-4. However, 1000psia the production becomes zero for the four wells.

Keywords: Nodal Analysis, Production Performance, Wellflo Progam


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