InPAs Alloys Use for Electrical Engineering in Hard-radiation Environment


  •   Elza Khutsishvili

  •   Nodar Kekelidze

  •   Tengiz Qamushadze

  •   Zurab Chubinashvili

  •   Nana Kobulashvili

  •   Georgy Kekelidze


Effective functioning of electronics in high- radiation environment requires developing of novel semiconductor systems with radiation-tolerant properties. In given work, in search of semiconductor materials with immunity to radiation, investigations have been focused on InPxAs1-x alloys. Investigating of electrical and optical characteristics and physical processes, flowing in heavily irradiated InPxAs1-x alloys under high fluences of high-energy electrons and fast neutrons, let us create new generation of radiation-resistant semiconductor materials for electrical engineering application in hard-radiation environment.

Keywords: Semiconductor Alloys, Current Carriers Concentrations, Electronics, Radiation Defects


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