A Digital Bulletin Board for the School Community


  •   Panagiotis Karageorgos

  •   Dimitrios Gouvedaris


This text describes the necessity of having a digital bulletin board in the school environment. In the context of the implementation of the project, this document also describes in detail the hardware and software specifications, the proposed use and the expandability of a wireless and remote programmable digital board, also referred as DPVW (Distance Programmable Video Wall). This paper aims to provide a proposal for a universal use of digital boards for informational use of a school community, students, teachers and school staff.

Keywords: Bulletin Board, School, Digital, Distance Programmable Video Wall, Raspberry Pi



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Karageorgos, P. and Gouvedaris, D. 2020. A Digital Bulletin Board for the School Community. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. CIE (Feb. 2020), 1-5. DOI:https://doi.org/10.24018/ejers.2020.0.CIE.1791.