An Example of Designing Modular Vocational Syllabi


  •   Panagiotis S Makrygiannis

  •   A. Paradisi

  •   T. Tsapelas

  •   Evangelos C. Papakitsos

  •   Dimitrios Piromalis


In this paper, an application in developing a course for secondary vocational education settings in a modular manner is discussed and a number of conclusions are drawn from the process. The application was partly intentional and partly the result of circumstances, as it was realized, being a part of the redesign process of the specialties offered within the sector of Informatics of Vocational Lyceums (upper-secondary education), the schools that offer initial vocational education in Greece. Using modular design is applicable to secondary vocational education courses. It allows for adaptability, reusability and a variety of approaches within a competence-based syllabus. It is also suggested that more courses could benefit from a modular structure, definitely including other advanced laboratorial courses, but possibly even introductory ones.

Keywords: Curricula, Modular Syllabus, Vocational Education



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Makrygiannis, P., Paradisi, A., Tsapelas, T., Papakitsos, E. and Piromalis, D. 2020. An Example of Designing Modular Vocational Syllabi. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. CIE (Feb. 2020), 17-21. DOI: