The Shield of Achilles using 3D Technologies to Support Teaching Scenarios of Homeric Epics


  •   P. Angelopoulos

  •   E. Solomou


The “Shield of Achilles” is an effort to teach in an interdisciplinary way both the teaching subjects of Ancient Greek (Omer’s Iliad) and Informatics (3D modelling and printing), that took place in the 1st Junior High School of Vrilissia, Athens, during the school year 2017-2018 [13]. Students of B grade of Junior High School (ages 13-14), on a voluntarily basis, separated into groups of 4, created in a 3D design environment the “Shield of Achilles” as were taught during the subject of Ancient Greek and according to the description of the shield given by Homer in his poem “Iliad”. The most of the shields were eventually printed out using the 3D printer of the computer lab. The aim of the project was to support teaching between STEM and Classical subjects, co-create and implement integrated models inspired by STEM and classical disciplines and to investigate the behavior of students through a school program based in both formal and non-formal educational approaches. Part of the program was supported through the school’s curriculum, part of the program had to be implemented out of school hours. After the completion of the project students responded to a questionnaire prepared by the teachers in a google form format. The most important results of this questionnaire are discussed in this work.

Keywords: STEM, Innovation, Teaching Approaches, Ancient Greek, Homer’s Iliad, 3D Modelling, 3D Printing.



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