Online Discovery/Constructivistic Learning Using Cognitive Tools in Mathematics’ Higher Education


  •   Konstantinos Korres


This paper analyzes online discovery learning/ constructivistic approach using cognitive tools in higher Mathematics’ education, via a combination of electronic worksheets designed and implemented in Mathematica and online synchronous communication via the tools of a Learning Management System (LMS) and voice and video group calls. Moreover, the paper presents empirical research results of a case study concerning the approach’s application at the Department of Statistics and Insurance Sciences of the University of Piraeus and focuses on students’ attitudes towards the approach. We used a mixed approach in the study, in particular a quantitative approach with open-ended questions. A questionnaire was handed out and was answered by the students that participated. We performed statistical analysis via SPSS to data obtained by questions with binary answers and answers on a 7-point Likert scale. Also we included several open-ended questions, in order for the students to express their views and attitudes towards the benefits and the disadvantages of the tools and the approach used.

Keywords: Discovery Learning, Constructivism, Cognitive Tools, Online Discovery/Constructivistic Learning, Learning Management Systems, Synchronous Communication, Asynchronous Communication



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