Uncertainty Approaches for Solving Generalized Machine Maintenance Problem


  •   Samir Abdou Abass

  •   Asmaa S. Abdallah

  •   Marwa Shehata Elsayed

  •   Eman Massoud Ahmed


In this paper, the generalized machine maintenance problem is formulated as linear programming model. The objective is to maximize the percentage production hours available per maintenance cycle of each machine.  Data in many real life engineering and economic problems suffers from inexactness. There are different approaches to deal with uncertain optimization problems. In this paper two different approaches of uncertainty, Fuzzy programming and rough interval programming approaches will be introduced. We deal the concerned problem with uncertain data in coefficients of the constraints for the two approaches. A numerical example is introduced to clarify the two proposed approaches. A comparison study between the obtained results of the two proposed approaches and the results of interval approach for Samir A. and Marwa Sh [3] will be introduced.

Keywords: Machine Maintenance Problem, Fuzzy Programming, Rough Interval Programming, Linear Programming


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