Recycled ABS Polymer Doped with Outdated Lansoprazole as a Corrosion Protection Composite Coating for Mild Steel in Chloride Solution


  •   Sandra Viveros, Ph. D. Student

  •   Carmina Menchaca, Dr.

  •   Miguel A. Hernandez, Dr.

  •   Alba Covelo, Dr.

  •   Jorge Uruchurtu


Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) is a common waste polymer by-product from industry. Outdated medicines are usually discarded and could be a valuable asset for other applications such as metallic corrosion inhibition. The aims of the present work is to manufacture a recycled ABS polymer doped with outdated lansoprazole medicament as a corrosion protection composite coating. It was applied to mild steel and immersed in chloride solution, and evaluate its possible corrosion protection properties using different electrochemical techniques. The manufactured coating presents good corrosion protection properties showing an 80% efficiency as a function of time of immersion in the aggressive solution.

Keywords: Corrosion, ABS, Lansoprazole, Composite Coating, Steel, Chlorides


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