Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Extraction from Oily Sludge using Kerosene


  •   Ndjeumi Chrisdel Chancelice

  •   Ze Bilo’o Philémon

  •   Mouthe Anombogo Ghislain Arnaud

  •   Ngassoum Martin Benoït


The National Petroleum Refinery of Cameroon is a crude oil refining company that generates large quantity of oily sludge. The extraction, identification and quantification of aliphatic hydrocarbons that can be recovered from oily sludge were assessed. The extraction was conducted following an experimental design and the distribution of the aliphatic hydrocarbons of the sludge was realized by using a simple gas chromatographic method. The extraction results showed that all the factors have positive effect on the extraction. It was also found that the highest concentration of 127992 ppm was obtained under experimental conditions of Ratio = 6:1, Temperature = 40°C, Contact time = 90 min.

Keywords: Oily sludge; Aliphatic Hydrocarbons; Experimental design; GC-FID; Paraffins


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Chancelice, N., Philémon, Z., Ghislain Arnaud, M. and Benoït, N. 2020. Aliphatic Hydrocarbons Extraction from Oily Sludge using Kerosene. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. 5, 10 (Oct. 2020), 1137-1141. DOI: