A GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading and Billing System


  •   Mohammad Golam Mortuza

  •   Zia Uddin Ahmed

  •   Hassan Jaki

  •   Md. Razu Ahmed

  •   Mohammed Jashim Uddin

  •   Md. Humayun Kabir


These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for An existence without electricity can't be thought of since it turns into an integral part of human life. In a developing country, people use postpaid electricity for their own purposes. Be that as it may, they don't know the amount of electricity they have consumed and how much cost they have done likewise till they receive the consumption bill at the end of the month. Also, in prepaid meters, to see consumption details, people have to go in front of the meter. In this research, a system has been designed based on GSM technology to solve this problem. The prepaid meter has to be recharged; as a result, clients can use the electricity. The system alerts the client for any kind of emergency. Besides, when the client is away from the house, he can easily switch off the supply of electricity by sending an SMS. This project will support both society and country because it helps to reduce the wastage of electricity and to check electricity consumption and bill from remote distances.

Keywords: GSM, Automatic Meter Reading, Electricity Meter


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