Using Hysteresis Band Method for the Control of Three-Phase STATCOM Connected to a Transport Network


  •   Ndjiya Ngasop

  •   Asnang David

  •   Haman Djalo


The transit of reactive power through the electric transport lines due to the inductive loads, creates problems of instabilities on the electrical networks. Transport networks are increasingly vulnerable to instability of voltage due to industrialization and/or population growth. The managers of these networks are therefore seeking effective solutions to these problems. STATCOM is one of the devices of the family of shunt FACTS used for reactive energy compensation. It generally offers better features compared other FACTS devices and conventional reactive compensation devices. This work aims to apply the STATCOM controlled by the current control method by hysteresis bands for the maintenance of the voltage in an electric transport network. The transport network is modeled as a transport line in MATLAB/SIMULINK and its characteristics are compared to the system without STATCOM.

Keywords: FACTS, Hysteresis Band Current Control, STATCOM, Transport Network


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