Modelling of Ventilation Rate and Heating Rate using Multi-Module Fuzzy Control System for A Greenhouse


  •   Jamilu Yau

  •   Ji JianWei

  •   Hui Wang

  •   Olubakinde Eniola

  •   Folahan Peter Ibitoye


The implementation of Ventilation rate and Heating rate can save energy and reduce cost of production. In previous studies, ventilation rates and heating rates were calculated based on mass and energy balance but they are mainly influenced by several factors. In order to check for the effectiveness and applicability of greenhouse ventilation rate and heating rate, we study a multi-module fuzzy control method and use fuzzy logic controllers to control the coordination of a greenhouse heating and ventilation systems. The complexity is reduced by using fuzzy tool in matlab-simulink environment which enables a quick design. The experimental data showed that the new multi-module fuzzy control reduced temperature and humidity fluctuations and maintained temperature and humidity closer to the desired temperature and humidity; this method can be easily used to control other equipment in the greenhouse.

Keywords: Ventilation, Multi-Module, Heating Rate, Temperature and Humidity


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Yau, J., JianWei, J., Wang, H., Eniola, O. and Ibitoye, F. 2020. Modelling of Ventilation Rate and Heating Rate using Multi-Module Fuzzy Control System for A Greenhouse. European Journal of Engineering and Technology Research. 5, 7 (Jul. 2020), 800-806. DOI: