Introduction into Extra Geometry of the Three-Dimensional Space II


  •   Istvan Szalay

  •   Balazs Szalay


Using the theory of exploded numbers by the axiom-systems of real numbers and Euclidean geometry, we introduce concept of extra - plane of the three-dimensional space. The extra - planes are visible subsets of super-planes which are exploded Euclidean planes. We investigate the main properties of extra-planes. We prove more similar properties of Euclidean planes and extra-planes, but with respect the parllelism there is an essential difference among them.

Keywords: exploded and compressed numbers, super - plane, border lines, extra - parallelism


István Szalay: Exploded and compressed numbers (enlargement of the universe, Parallel Universes, Extra Geometry), LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2016, ISBN: 978-3-659-94402-4.

I. Szalay and B. Szalay: Introduction into the extra geometry of the three-dimensional space I. European Journal of Engeneering Research and Sience (EJERS), Vol.5 No. 5. May 2020, 538-544.

I. Szalay, B. Szalay: Extra Geometry I. Extra lines. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, (IJERA) Vol.8. Issue 1 (Part -1) January, 2018, 23 – 34.


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