Free Induction Decay and Spin Echo Signals from Spin Triplet States of Axially Asymmetric Objects in Single Crystals in Zero Constant Magnetic Field:


  •   Nathalie P. Fokina

  •   Maia O. Elizbarashvili


Anisotropic dynamics of the spin triplet states (STSs) in single crystals with the zero field splitting (ZFS) of their levels by the axially asymmetric Hamiltonian is investigated in zero constant magnetic field (ZF) under the action of the canonically oriented varying magnetic fields. The equations of motion for single transition operators (STOs) corresponding to the definite transition of ZFS are derived.  The obtained equations written in terms of one averaged equation for STO vector appeared to be a particular case (for STS) of the universal equation of Feynman et al, which is valid for any kind of perturbation affecting only two levels of any quantum mechanical system. As well as that, our equation is analogous to the Bloch equation without decay for the usual magnetization components of the Zeeman system in a constant magnetic field and a transverse to it varying field. This statement is valid, if the population probabilities of the corresponding levels of STS are not artificially equalized. At that, the motion of the observable macroscopic sample magnetization, which follows from our equations, has quite different character. Here, in terms of this magnetization the signals of the free induction decay and of the two-pulse spin echo are calculated in ZF.  

Keywords: Free Induction Decay, Single Transition Operators, Spin Echo, Spin Triplet States, Zero Constant Magnetic Field


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