Normal Electrochemical Deposition NiFe


  •   Robert Dmitrievich Tikhonov


Due to heating of the electrolyte is an excluded abnormal codeposition alloy components and reduced variation of process parameters to achieve optimal magnetic properties Ni81Fe19 films of magnetic field concentrators. Proposed chloride electrolyte pH adjusted with hydrochloric acid, which provides congruent electrochemical deposition of permalloy at heating and stirring. Magnetic properties of permalloy films are very sensitive to the variation of component relationships of 4.26. Control of accuracy of preparation of chloride electrolyte for electrochemical deposition of NiFe conducted using spectrophotometry. It is shown that the selection process of cooking the electrolyte for electrodeposition of Ni81Fe19 alloy and temperature allow to get normal, congruent electrochemical deposition of permalloy films. It has been established that the anomalous character of permalloy deposition associated with the main feature of iron ions-the existence of variable Valence iron with two or three values in the charge of ions during the hydrolysis of iron salts.

Keywords: Permalloy, Magnetic Field Concentrators, Electrochemical Deposition, Chloride Electrolyte, Spectrophotometric Monitoring


“Publication Number SMC-031” Copyright © Special Metals Corporation 2004.

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