Robust Controller for Kaplan Hydroturbine Governor System Based on Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control (FTSMC)


  •   Aime Herve Samba

  •   Aurelien Yeremou Tamtsia

  •   Leandre Nneme Nneme

  •   Korassaï Korassaï


In this paper a fast terminal sliding mode control (FTSMC) is used for speed control of Kaplan hydroturbine governing system in the presence of load torque disturbance. The stability of the proposed controller is proved with the lyapunov function method.The results indicate that the proposed terminal sliding mode controllers not only have a faster response and allows to carry out high performances as well in precision   as in finite time of convergence. Moreover, the comparisons of the dynamic performances between the proposed fast terminal sliding mode controllers (FTSMC) and non-singular fast terminal sliding mode controllers (NSTSMC) , are discussed at the end of this paper, where the effectiveness and robustness superiority of the fast terminal sliding mode controller proposed also is been verified.

Keywords: Finite Time Convergence, Hydroturbine Governing System, Terminal Sliding Mode Control


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