Robust Adaptative Generalized Predictive Control with Multiple Reference Model for Frequency Control In Hydroelectric Power Plants


  •   Korassaï Korassaï

  •   Aurelien Tamtsia Yeremou

  •   Haman Djalo


This paper presents a method for the design of a Primary Frequency Controller applied to hydroelectric power plants. This controller is designed to maintain quality, reliability and stability to consumers even in the face of fluctuating power demand. For this purpose, a robust adaptive Generalized Predictive Control with Multiple Reference Model type controller is proposed. Simulation results on Matlab/Simulink show that the Generalized Predictive Control with Multiple Reference Model controller can not only achieve good performance under load disturbances, but also excellent robustness.

Keywords: Primary Frequency Controller, Generalized Predictive Control with Multiple Reference Model, Hydroelectric Power Plants


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