An Indirect Estimator of Speed for a DC Motor Embedded in an Automotive Combustion Engine


  •   Paulo Bressan

  •   Cesar Da Costa


This paper develops an estimator of speeds indirect for a DC motor embedded in an electrical water pump installed in internal combustion engines. The benefit of this technique is that the estimation framework doesn't require a dynamometer or machine-like coupling. The test results were based on the Motor Current Signal Analysis (MCSA) technique that is commonly used in an AC motor and has a great performance for measuring the rotational speed of electric motors. Two tests were used, one with DC motors using a dynamometer to validate the indirect reading of the rotation and another using the indirect estimator of speed developed in this work. This technique had positive results, regardless of the type of current sensor used. The preliminary outcomes from a research center model were introduced to justify the practicality of the proposed estimator of speed.

Keywords: Automotive Combustion Engine, DC Motor, Hall Effect Sensor, Indirect Measurement


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