A Partial Environmental Engineering Management Study of Open Dump Site and Its Impact on Land and Water


  •   Kelechi Uchenna Ugoji

  •   Abba Ibim Green

  •   Ruth Ngozi Nmoye

  •   Ndukam Billy Igbere


This research appraises in partial the environmental engineering effects of open dumpsite with peripheral study of the dumpsite at km 3 Aba-Enugu Expressway in Abia State southeast of Nigeria. The investigation includes visual assessment, interviews / questionnaires results, and analysis. The study reveals that the waste dump serves as a sink to many parts of Aba metropolis being one of the biggest dumpsites in Abia state. The sand value of 47.7% obtained from the study agrees with existing literature/hydrogeology of the area. Results proved that the ground water is safe as samples display quality, which are below the Nigerian standards for drinking water quality limit. These values also fall below the World Health Organization (WHO) water quality limit so the residents around do not stand any health risk at the moment. However, increasing concentration of pollutants indicates that the Soil and probably the potential drinking water source may be contaminated with time, supporting existing study. Therefore, this research recommends a well-engineered waste management plan alongside Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) cradle-to-grave approach to management of open dumpsite.

Keywords: Resources management, safety, pollution and operational sustainability


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