Evaluation and Modelling of a Low Budget Hall Effect Based Flow-Rate Sensor using Adaptive Calibration Paradigm


  •   Emmanuel M. Eronu

  •   Moses Odiagbe


The research work demonstrated the use of adaptative and comparative paradigm to calibrate and validate Hall Effect flowrate sensor’s related performance data. The experimental testbed used for the research work is composed of an IoT based platform integrated into a water pipe network. The use of IoT largely assisted in facilitating a well-coordinated and flexible paradigm for efficient data collections and analysis. Correlated and Associative analysis on data obtained shows a strong significant relationship (R2=89%) between the rate of Pulse count and rate of change in differential volume leading to the derivation of a model that is helpful in determining of volumetric rate and quantity of liquid dispense as function of pulse count generated from a Hall Effect flowrate sensor.

Keywords: Hall Effect; Calibration; flowrate sensor; IoT


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