Assessment of Efficiency and Sustainability of Housing Plan in Khartoum


  •   Abdelrahim Elhag


This study aims to investigate the efficiency and adequacy of Sudan Housing Plan that aims to attain the goal of the provision of comfortable and affordable houses for those who get a low income. Two districts were chosen as a study area. Alazhari Block 3 and Alawda housing project located in the south of Khartoum. BK3 representing the sites and service brand, furthermore, Alawda represents core buildings (flats) type. Both areas have been monitored for 16 years (2004 - 2020) using satellite imageries, local services committee queries, and field surveying. The study showed that only 34% percent of the 678 parcels of BK3 was built up and only 3% of the buildings were occupied for 30 years, suffering the deficiency of basic services, while 100% of Alawda 1216 flats were built and occupied with full services in 3 years. This gives the credit of efficiency and adequacy to the core type on the site and services type.

Keywords: Housing, Parcels, Flats, Core, Grants


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