Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) with Different Application: A Systematic Mapping


  •   Sarah Khan


It is very essential to develop the design and structure of Real time operating system (RTOS) exclusively if we are using this for some special tenders. There any researches believed that (RTOS) are conventional approach to designing devices (RTOS) are used to facilitate to implement different criteria and projects such as time to constrained products, the clustering, the fire alarm system, the wireless sensors powered by renewable energy sensors powered, the stability integrated modular Avionics (IMA) and the alternative programs. In this research, several publications have investigated to perceive the performance of RTOS. These study emphases on a review of RTOS in different criteria and projects to evaluate their performance on different Oss and computing platforms. In this publication data is collected comprehensively factors. In this paper, statistics and results helped in implementation of a more engrossed technique towards the implementation and improvement of RTOS. This paper, highest RTOS are clustering and performance for all applications, white alternate programs measured as least important.

Keywords: Real time operating system (RTOS), RTOS application, RTOS criteria, Real


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