From Requirements Engineering to UML using Natural Language Processing – Survey Study


  •   Omer Salih Dawood

  •   Abd-El-Kader Sahraoui


In the paper process of moving from software requirements to UML diagrams has been studied. It shows the importance of this process and discusses many comparative studies in the field. A questionnaire related to the study was distributed worldwide to many research groups, academia, and industry to know the current status of using requirement management tools, knowledge of using UML in software development, frequently used UML diagrams, and the methodology used to generate UML diagrams from requirements. The paper  emphasises  that there is a  need to do some important  research in the area of requirements NLP to obtain UML diagrams, and generalize process of using automatic or semi-automatic methodology to generate UML diagrams from requirements.

Keywords: Requirement Engineering, Traceability, Requirements Management Tool, NLP, UML


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