Thermodynamic Evaluation of PTC based Organic Rankine Cycle for Power & Cooling


  •   Devendra Kumar Gupta

  •   Rajesh Kumar

  •   Naveen Kumar


The paper focuses on thermodynamic evaluation (first and second law) for PTC based organic Rankine cycle with single ejector (EORC) and organic Rankine cycle with double ejector (DEORC) using refrigerant R141b as working fluid and Therminol VP1 as heat transfer fluid. Thermal energy storage tanks are used to store the PTC heat, which provides the continuous net power output and cooling during insufficient solar radiation. The thermodynamic evaluation is carried out to evaluate the performance of PTC field based EORC & DEORC system which produces power and cooling simultaneously. Parametric analyses of EORC and DEORC show that inlet temperature and pressure of turbine at various extraction ratio has the significant effect on first & second law efficiency and cooling to power ratio of this system. It is also found that, annual average energy output of EORC and DEORC is 4710.57 MWh and 5104.97 MWh respectively while annual average exergy output of EORC and DEORC is 3893.86 MWh and 3436.27 MWh respectively.

Keywords: Solar energy, PTC Field, ejector, first law efficiency, second law efficiency, entrainment ratio, EORC, DEORC, Cooling/Power Ratio


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