Paradigm Shift in Routing Approaches for High Speed MANET Applications


  •   Sadanand R. Inamdar

  •   Sathish Babu B.

  •   Ravi M. Yadahalli


Effective routing protocol in ad hoc networks involves consideration of key factors like latency, mutual interference between on-going communication during route initiation, power consumption and effective re-routing process for unstable topology conditions in presence of node mobility. Recent ad hoc network applications involve quest for a high throughput, robustness and differentiated service awareness in the context of present 3G/4G and future 5G standards. This paper discusses the motivation for routing strategy with paradigm shift to meet the aspiration set forth under high traffic volume applications.

Keywords: Smart antenna technology, Cross layer optimization, Bio-inspired algorithms, Routing protocols, Ad hoc networks.


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