Assessment of Lane-Sharing Manoeuvrability and Risk Exposure Effect on Motorcycling in Nigeria


  •   Biliyamin Adeoye Ibitoye

  •   Samson Odeyemi

  •   As-Shuara Salman

  •   Mariam Daudu


Motorcycle is becoming a very important mode of transport in most developing countries like Nigeria as a result of their easy accessibility to most local communities. However; due to their riding habits, motorcyclists now constitute larger percentage of fatal accidents on roads. This study is aimed at assessing the behaviour of motorcyclists on share lane with other motorised vehicles with the objective of determining the risks due to their exposure to crashes. Ilorin in Kwara State was selected as the study area, as most communities in this town are not accessible to good public transport system, thereby leaving commuters to depend solely on use of motorcycles for their daily trips. Field survey and questionnaire were used to collect necessary data. Three hundred consecutive motorcyclists were interviewed at ten selected locations (parking spots). The responses were analysed using SPSS v7.5 at the statistical significance p<0.05. The result found that due to motorcyclists’ body exposure during crash, lower leg are mostly affected with 38% value, followed by upper leg with 24% and head with 16% with remaining 22% as damaged only. This may warrant the need for provision of government of motorcycle lanes either with segregated travel lane or exclusively separated lane by the Federal government of Nigeria to form part of her safe road policy.

Keywords: Leg Injury, Motorcyclist, Risk Exposure, Share Lane


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Ibitoye, B., Odeyemi, S., Salman, A.-S. and Daudu, M. 2018. Assessment of Lane-Sharing Manoeuvrability and Risk Exposure Effect on Motorcycling in Nigeria. European Journal of Engineering Research and Science. 3, 8 (Aug. 2018), 26-29. DOI: