Parametric Study on the Response of Composite Single Piles to Lateral Load by Numerical Simulation (FDM)


  •   Alex Otieno Owino

  •   Zakaria Hossain

  •   Jim Shiau


This paper entails a detailed numerical and parametric study on the lateral behavior of piles in foundation designs. Single-piles are one of the major components of a foundation as they act as the primary component in the transmission of the weights above the structure into the ground for stability to be attained. For this reason, a detailed study on the influence generated on the p-y curves is mandatory to create a numerically valid model for use in the process of foundation design without much ado. Modeling procedure under consideration employs the use of the finite difference method (FMD) embedded in FLAC2D. FDM is used to implement a solution to the coded input for example soil and pile element parameters. The model validation process done in this paper involves the variation of some of the critical parameters such as the variation on the type of soil in the area under consideration. Next, modification of the elastic modulus of the given soil as a check on the cohesiveness, change on the loading velocity at the top of the pile, a variation of the pile material stiffness and the difference of the pile eccentricity. The results obtained from the p-y curves generated from the parameters undergo sifting through for any effects on the ultimate loading capacity of the pile to the allowed design loading limits upon full structural installation. This variation is necessary for the approval of the validity of the model in engineering design. The parametric study from this study shows that the structure is of functional strength and a tolerable factor of safety.

Keywords: Finite Difference Method, FLAC2D, Lateral Load, P-Y Curve, Soil-Pile Interaction


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